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Originally Posted by pmeloche View Post
Here is an even better deal: buy your car in the U.S. With the canadian dollar almost at par there could be awesome deals to be made if you are willing to put up with the paperwork involved with importing a car in Canada.

I've looked into this as well pmeloche - thx

To the best of my research - it's safe to say that If I find a '10 M3 equipped the way I want in the US it would be about $74,000 max depending on the listing dealer. If I can expect the same level of discount off retail that other US based members are getting on their '10 cars, the dealer list price is about what I would pay in CDN $$ to have it in my driveway after paying for:

US Car Check

Recall Clearance Letter

Daytime Running light labour

Instrument cluster swap for Cdn Spec

(All above performed by a BMW dealer)

Canadian Registration - VRI

CBSA - Duty for non north american built car

Not included in this calculation is shipping costs to get it home, but if it's close enough (2 day drive) I can fly down and drive back so this is more of a vacation than an actual cost

...and depending on the state it comes from, there may be a state tax structure to deal with but unlikely. Won't know until I find a car I like and check with the gov.

Mighty tempting.... and a real savings as you said, but yes, a pain in the ass.