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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
Colossus and Immortals are just insane. I love Protoss. Terran got a lot stronger, I feel zerg requires much more micro managing than before but it's nice not having to build 12 hatcheries to get crazy.
Colossus and Immortals are great, but Protoss have no good AA. Stalkers are only 6 damage +6 to Armored (means nothing vs Mutas). Phoenixs are alright but not as good as Mutas. There's another problem with cost: Stalkers are 125 Minerals and 50 Gas. They have 60 on Shields and 80 on HP. Marauders are 100 Minerals and 25 Gas. They have 125 HP. They do 10 damage +2 to Armored. They can't hit air units, but they do more damage to unarmored units and the same to armored units as Stalkers for less Gas! They can also be healed by Medivacs, can use Stim Pack, and their attack slows the movement speed of whatever it is they're attacking!

I wasn't much of a Zerg Player in SC1, but I can say that I believe in 1v1, Zerg is my best race in SC2. I disagree with the amount of micro needed, as you can set a Hatchery to have 2 different rally points, one for your Drones, and one for your non-workers. The non-worker rally is already set to Attack-Move so they will engage anything on the way (and as long as you keep your eye on your mini-map, you shouldn't have a problem with them being kite-ed. You can also cut down on the number of Hatcheries needed to get mass units by investing in a Queen or two. They can force a Hatchery to spawn 4 eggs which hatch into larvae for you to use.

Queens in SC2 are great early units for several reasons. They can attack land/air units (so if scouted by Zerg's Overlord, you can get that pesky pig out of your base). They can heal Zerg Buildings. I've had a game where the guy kept rushing my expansion and only targeting the building. Although I was killing his units, he was bringing my Hatchery close to destruction every time. Thankfully, a couple of Queens healed it very quickly while being attacked. They can spawn more larvae. There are no more Creep Colonies, so to expand Creep, you have to use their Creep Tumor ability.

Queens are also nice because they are born from the Hatchery, and don't require the use of a Larvae. The downside is that they cost 150 Minerals, and take a while to be born. This can greatly slow down your tech in a fast game. They can however, spell the difference between the loss to a rush, and a come-back.

If faced by mass Mutas, all a Protoss can do is try and kite, and maybe have High Templar Psi-Storm. But a good player will be able to out micro the Psi-Storm, especially with High-Templar being a ground unit with a slow move speed, and the Mutas being air units with just under the fastest of move speeds. Archons no longer do splash damage, so they don't work too well vs mass Mutas, and Stalkers will only do 6 damage per shot.