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Originally Posted by EA51 LAY View Post
I hear you, but after driving a 2009 GTR in Britain last year I would say "yes - they are devastating in straightline speed" and "Yes - they cornor hard with amazing ability" but they are a little bit like driving a Laptop computer! 'No soul' - unlike the true bloodline enstealthed 'Ultimate Driving experience' that is your new ride

Enjoy it!!

Also (and I haven't checked it but), I bet the first 48 months servicing on a GTR is expensive too!! And insurance - My broker said he finds BMW's to be pretty much the safest rated + toughest to steal vehicles that he comes across.....

Looking forward to your feedback 'post delivery', to hear your thoughts!!



=) You should be one of their sales persons. I'll post my feedbacks once I pick it up next week. But it won't be anything that you guys haven't heard of, i.e. great handling, exciting to drive etc. I've driven it last year at Skip Barber racing school, completely fell in love with it, which is why the impulse took over when I visited the dealer last week =)