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I think that few would argue that some form of reform is needed with the existing healthcare system. However, why is it that the current bill is the bill to pass? There are people that are adamant about having this bill pass but its largely part of an infant attempt at major, modern reform of the existing system that is being forced down the throats of not only everyone on Capital Hill but our fellow countrymen/women. While it is not favored by the majority of the American populous, it is a large part of the current administrations agenda & campaign platform. Personally, it comes across to me as being akin to the classic, stereotypical "trust me" line spoken by a used car salesman. Pass the bill and we'll work it out afterwards? Huh? For anyone working in industry, that equates to management wanting to take credit for something whether its complete or not.

Although it is hypocritical for the GOP to cry foul over the use of reconciliation, I do not disagree them in this instance. This is a very big deal that impacts all of us in so many ways; both obvious and not so obvious. It is a program that, no doubt, will be a heavy burden to the nation's finances. At a time when we have a national debt is almost as bad as my golf score, high unemployment, free falling property values, etc..., how is this more important than stemming the problems that were "in existence when I [Obama] got here."

Policy this extensive takes time and should not be forced through as it is. The fruit of the reform wouldn't be seen for a very long time from now anyways. Taking time to flush out more details is in the noise ("never time to do it right the first time, always time to fix it later"). Having great national healthcare doesn't mean a thing if when're broke.

Personally, health care reform should be taking a backseat to the economy and our national debt. Without people getting jobs to go back to, its just exacerbating those that are working to pay more welfare, albeit in new form, to those that aren't. I would also note that domestic jobs are needed (I am not fond of watching us develop nations that are not our friends).

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