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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
You are correct, it doesn't say that. Also it doesn't specifically say that the federal gov't is supposed to build and maintain an interstate highway system for motor vehicles either.

Odd that you'd choose the words the people do not want it. I could understand a lot of people don't want it. But you do understand that there actually people in this country that are FOR health care reform. The possibility to get 30 million uninsured citizens to have some type of safety net for their health coverage is a benefit for our society, not a burden.
Have you looked at public opinion polls? Did you see what happened in MA? The people do not want this bill. If they did, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al would not be forced into this kind of legislative bribery and procedural shenanigans to get it through.

How many of those 30 million qualify for medicaid? How many simply choose not to purchase it? How is this a legitimate concern of the federal government?

My copy of the Constitution does say that the Congress can establish post roads.