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Originally Posted by 742 View Post
Oh, he will want the military funded. After all his healthcare has to be paid for.

However feel a little compassion for him. If he does not make it to 20 years (and his thinking seems to be a little rigid to make O-6, IMO), or his wife has a pre-existing condition before hitting Medicare, he will get a fast and brutal education about American healthcare. I work almost exclusively with ex-military people, and I see this over and over.

They say a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. On the other side of the coin nothing beats the American Health Insurance industry when it comes to changing the world view of middle aged conservatives.
Of course I want the military funded. Defense is the primary function of the federal government.

My health care will be funded because it is part of the compensation I receive for the job I am doing.

For the record, my father served and has a service connected disability and my mother has a back condition that dates from their time in the service. Neither my father nor my mother has ever had a problem obtaining coverage for their conditions after he left active duty (he did not retire) from non-governmental insurance providers. I don't know who you are dealing with but their situations do not reflect that of my parents or any of their friends from the Army who have since left.