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Originally Posted by xbook View Post

You are a conundrum man. So you are in here saying things like tax cuts are great, and that health care for all of the citizens is bad. Bad because someone like your parents will have to pay maybe 3% more in tax, not because it effects your directly, only people connected to you. Yet you are planning on joining the US military, a "company" that is solely funded by taxes. You are a funny man. I would figure someone who is joining in the military would want that military funded. Guess your convictions for you parents hanging onto their dough is stronger than your want for the military to have dough.
I think your confusion stems from a false premise, conservatives are not anarchists. I believe in small government that performs functions legitimate to government not in no government at all.

The argument is about the proper role of government. The legitimacy of the federal government funding the Army is not in question. It is right there in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. You can argue about the level of funding but not the legitimate nature of it. The same cannot be said for this health care bill. Nowhere in the Constitution is Congress empowered to tax one person to provide health insurance to another. It may be something you want the federal government to do but the Constitution does not authorize it and the people do not want it. This is simply a naked power grab.

As for whether I personally will be affected immediately by it is not relevant. I am a citizen, a taxpayer, and a voter, so I get a say.