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Originally Posted by Mighty M View Post
How about I venture a guess of you Mr. Shpriate87?

You dont even break six figures, yet you're deluded in to thinking that some day, some how, by the great grace of our lord and savior Jesus, that you'll make over $250,000/year, and thus be "expected to pay for it."
Let's see, as I am 22 years old and in college, you are right I do not make six figures yet. As my current career plans are to be commissioned in the US Army I do not expect to make it any time soon. I do however expect to pay for this program were it ever to see the light of day. I do pay for Social Security, Medicare, and see no reason why this massive entitlement program will be any different.

For now, my parents will pay for this program as they make far more than your magical $250K and every dollar they pay out in taxes is one fewer they can save or even pass to me.

Now we can move on to the specious nature of your argument. Whether I will pay for this program to your satisfaction is irrelevant to the comment you are allegedly responding to.