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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
The A-Bahn is more about seeing how fast your car will go for those who are curious and use the appropriate unlimited areas when traffic is at a minimum - like early Sunday morning around Sun up. Street racing is stupid, illegal and dangerous. On the A-Bahn the car with the highest top speed is king -- for the moment.


Europeans in general seem to respect the given rules of the road for the most part and don't treat the autobahn as a personal raceway. The roads are generally engineered for much higher speeds than the interstate, but just because one can, does not mean one has to, when it comes to speed.

I can esily hit and sustain 120 MPH in certain sections of the Autobahn near my home, that are unmarked, and generally traffic moves over accordingly, without ensuing rage. Even though I can maintain this rate of speed, in sections that are not posted, it does not mean that I would not have a lot of explaining to do if something bad happened at any speed over 130km/hr.
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