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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
I am this the Chapter you were referring to:

If that is it...17 nations violated it since 1990:
- Iraq in 1991
- NATO in 1999 in Yugoslavia (16 nations)
- USA in 2003.

I do not see anything pointing that Iran or NK violated it at all
UN Security Council resolutions are mandatory upon member states when issued under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Under the UN Charter it is within the purview of the Security Council (not you) to determine when Article VII has been breached. When it makes such a finding it may demand the offending action cease by issuing a resolution under Chapter VII.

The nations that have violated Chapter VII resolutions are North Korea (UNSCR 82 in 1950), Iraq (series of resolutions from 1991-2002), and Iran (UNSCR 1696 in 2006).

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