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I'm pretty much done with the game until the next patch. It's totally broke right now, everyone does the same thing every game. I wish I could say I knew/trusted you guys enough with my account name/password, I'd let you have a go at it. The way is set up now it's not just the account, but all your CD keys, games, and account profiles are stored and easily accessible after login. Also, as previously mentioned, real name and other personal identification are tied to your account.

You win a few, you lose a few, but it's the same game, same units every single game.
There's also elitists, who feel like they have to tell you what you're doing wrong all the time. I played a 2vs2 where my ally was telling me he was going Zealot rush to Void Rays. I told him I was going Ghosts and Nukes. He started CAPS yelling at me and telling me I'm a noob and to just MMM.*

As to what everyone does:
Either Zealot Rush, or a few Zealots and cannons, turtling in.
After either of those starts, tech to Void Rays, GG.
If other player has AA, tech to Mothership, and mass some units, GG.
Turtle in at a ramp using Supply Depots and Barracks.
Depending on opponent's race, tech for Banshees or just mass Marines/Marauders and upgrade Marine's to carry a Shield and Stim Pack, use Medivacs to either drop or just follow and heal.
Some Terran players never even go Banshees. As it stands, it's VERY hard to stop Marines/Marauders/Medivacs (now referred to as MMM).*
Either Zergling rush and tech to Roaches, or just straight Roaches. Tier 3 Roaches have an ability to let them regenerate their HP faster than 4 Marines focusing fire on one can damage, so you can imagine what that leads to.

If it's a mirror game, it's just a matter of who does what better. I lost a game to a Protoss vs Protoss because he was able to get Void Rays slightly faster than me. He had 3 I had 2, so he destroyed me faster. I think I've already talked about buildings being too quickly demolished. He had no Photon Cannons except at his ramp (preventing rush) and I had 6 near my Nexus. They didn't do anything other than get destroyed.

I have a friend in Platinum League bottom 20 of the league for 1v1. He said all he does is Zergling rush every game and wins most of the time. He's also semi-retired until a patch comes out to make the game worth playing.

It's good that it's still in beta phase, if it came out the way it is now, I wouldn't be buying this game.

*Terran can wall in preventing a rush early on. They'll have Marines/Marauders and Medivacs before you will have any kind of AOE (really the only thing that will stop it). Zerg has no AOE, all they can do is get Mutalisks and hope Terran doesn't have Anti-Air around their base. Then when Terran hits your base, you hit their base. Protoss have Colossus (which is really good AOE), and High Templar (AOE that hits ground and air). Terran can MMM vs MMM. It's then a focus fire (micro war), tech, and who can keep their Medivacs safe while allowing them to heal...or who can sneak a few drops into the other guys' base/expansion(s).

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