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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Do you actually read what you link to? The CNN story is about the north Koreans refusing negotiations. The The LA Times piece is an opinion piece advocating the US drop out of the Six Party talks.

Also, the Yahoo News story is about job cuts in FRANCE!!??
The company is based in France (Alcatel), the layoffs would be across the board -- meaning the USA.
Not long ago, there were huge layoffs in other US (ONLY) tech companies. Our Car Manufacturers have announced huge layoffs...
Do you really think those people are going to find jobs at Chrysler or Microsoft? Yes, they will find jobs in order to survive (like ENRON people did) and W will count it as employed...

Again, would you accept the negotiations if you had to do only what someone else tells you to do but no guarantees you would get anything back for it??? I would not, I would sit my ass and try to show my muscle as fast as I could.

Noun 1. negotiation - a discussion intended to produce an agreement;

How would you expect NK to agree to stop its only defensive mechanism if nothing was clearly promised and agreed up front.

Our administration clearly does not know the meaning of the word -- proven in Iraq...not according to me but the the rest of the World