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Originally Posted by SS32 View Post
I absolutely LOVE mine. With them open, the car sounds like an animal. At WOT the engine has that great small displacement V8 tone. I don't have any videos; my camera is broken, but I do have some pictures. You won't find a better alternative for the price.

I have the Race Ready kit, btw.
+1 - Raceready is the best option, but they are not a perfect design - clearly not staffed by engineers.. they will eventually rattle. I've had mine for about a year now with no regrets though. I don't notice any loss in power or change in the torque curve. There is so little backpressure in the stock muffler that I doubt this has any effect, and until I see a dyno plot showing there to be an issue I'm going to assume that I'm fine.

Now when I take the secondary cats out....then I'd expect a major backpressure change requiring a tune for drivability.