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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Your grasp of history is worse than your grasp of international law. The first US-north Korean agreement of the nuclear issue was made in 1994. That agreement fell apart in 2003. The current 6 Party talks began in 2003. In case you are unsure, 1994 and 2003 were more than 12 months ago.
Actually, your grasp of reality is a bit twisted.
The Admin clearly said no more talks with NK about a year ago:

Prior to the Nuke tests in NK, all we "negotiated" was for them to stop the development and then...we will see. NK wanted all asnctions lifted and financial help. We did not agree. That is not negotiation! When are you going to accept that the cowboy way of forcing something to other nations has NOTHING to do with the word negotiation. "You leave within 48 hours or we attack you" is no mean of negotiation. "You stop your nuke program...then...we'll talk" is not a negotiation. "Axis of evil" crap is not negotiation -- it is a clear threat and it is pouring fuel on the fire...

Now, when NK showed the teeth, we're really ready to negotiate.
Same will happen with Iran. We do not want them involved in solving Iraq crisis, but lets see what will happen a few months down the road when they test the nuke...

As for China, the are communist (according to our Admin, not me), they do not respect Human Rights, they polute our air...but we kiss their ass all the way because we cannot touch them -- everything in this country (except the GM and Ford) is Made in China...

THis has nothing to do with your knowledge of history or dates posted by the White House. It is simply common sense. Same as the numbers you dig out about our great jobs situation or inflation...

This is the reality of todays jobs -- shakey. Yes, there are tons of new jobs created...if you want to dig next to the HWY, or pack the groceries...