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Originally Posted by MrSoulE93 View Post
Congrats on the beautiful car! Sounds like you had an amazing time, next time i get a car it will defiantly be this way.
On a side note... Your video = kinda lame. Brand new M3 and you follow a mini van for 2 minutes? I was hoping with that music and that mini van we were in for a fly by, guess you were taking it easy on her during break in? Redemption video is most certainly necessary.
Heres your redemption video MrSoul and
Appreciate the acknowledgement of this past Performance Center Delivery trip and like to extend all the appreciation to the BMW community for making our BMW experience a worthwhile and memorable one.. btw the PCD staff didnt short change me in learning to how to drive our high performance car to its fulliest safely and FUN

lets see your PC delivered car PHOTOS ...

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