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Originally Posted by L8Apex View Post
Shoes are overrated in my mind and are part of the problem. What is natural about cushions elevated heels or heavy support?..this weakens the muscles over time leading to injuries. I've run a lot of trails, half marathons and even knockout fourteeners in a very minimalist shoe from Inov8 for years. Guys I run or hike with take it a step further and use the Vibram five fingers and love em. Get back to the basics and what is natural. Joint longevity is a function of many things, including imbalances. As a species, we were not made to run on "air". I see shoes that literally have a giant air pocket spanning the sole of the shoe. Those who keep running on "air" a lame way to compensate for lack of muscle strength and bone density.

Vibram five fingers all the way

I started wearing them about 4 months ago and havent worn anything else since