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the locker is accessible by a fob (available only to two groups: 1 - residents of the building 2- the security company).

The plot has thickened. I got the fob access log from the security company. There were 27 instances of entrance during the 6 days that the wheels were in the locker (in boxes mind you and the boxes covered with a drape of sorts). Of the 27 instances, there were 5 unique resident entrances, One me, two others whom I know very well, and two more that I barely know. Now, those entries were all during the day or early evening. The security company however, had accessed multiple times, mostly between 2 - 3am. But on one particular night, they had accessed once at 8pm, then at 2am, then at 4:30am. What gives.

I've discussed with strata and security company rep and the sec co. is going to do a bit of investigation. I don't expect anything out of this. Just really am upset about the perfect set of 19" oems that I had bought off of a great forum member here.

Oh and just to make things more interesting, get this:

They never picked lock, once inside the locker room (with a fob), there are individual wooden lockers. The thief had simply unscrewed the hinges to my locker door and opened the door the other way. Stole the wheels out of the boxes. Left the boxes just the way I had left them, and even managed so sorta cover the boxes with the drape.

WTF is wrong with some people?!?