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Originally Posted by Iguy View Post
I'm referring to nuclear information that NK is passing to Iran. And heck yes, this info poses a real and not so present danger as of yet, to the US and allied forces.
A nuclear Iran is a real danger to the west regardless of the situation in Iraq. I had held out a slim hope that the west would unite and sufficiently pressure Iran to forgo nuclear development. I will admit that slim hope is fading. If Iran declares itself a nuclear power or tests a bomb, it will probably not be US F-15's over Iran but rather those decorated with a Star of David. That will NOT be pretty.

Because of sources saying that the military in the US is already running thin. There was some serious amount of troops transfered out of Afghanistan. Now our Prime Minister is crying that we are to thin and asking for more international help.
American troops transferring out of Afghanistan? My understanding is a light infantry brigade was extended in Afghanistan to increase US troop levels there. Our NATO allies have been slow to fulfill their commitments though, that is true.

I have not said and do not advocate a full scale invasion of either Iran or Syria. I just want to deny the anti-Iraq forces safe haven, training areas, or supplies.

Great, now you've demolished there entire military, whats left? MORE TERRORISM VIA STRAP ON BOMBS!
Where? In Iran and Syria? The whole point of the strikes would be to interdict movement across the border.

They are already blowing up our forces at every opportunity. Would the attacks increase if their supply of explosives was denied to them?

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