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Originally Posted by homer_jay View Post
I am not a frequent visitor of the forum, but my lease is up on my 07 335i. It has been a nice car (thanks to Dinan). I have been going back on forth on which car to get next, but I think I am 99% sold on the M3. I am not a hardcore negotiator but I want to make sure I get a good price on the car. So here are the details:
2010 E92 Jet Black
Cold Weather Package
Premium Package
Tech Package
M Double Clutch
19" wheels
Moon Roof
Sat, iPod and enhanced premium sound.
Sticker Price of $71,805.
There is a $2500 spring incentive (?) right now and the dealer will give me an additional $2500. So that brings the price down to 66,805.

I called the dealer where the car is at (not the one that gave me the quote) to see if they would go below invoice. She said that since it is an M, and they don't get a lot of them they won't ''negotiate''. I told her other dealers would negotiate for the M3 that is on her lot. She is going to call me back.

So, could I get it lower than $66k? I don't know.
I'd wait until next month. The 2011's are going for around invoice special ordered.

There are a lot of 2010s left on lots. Not as much as the 2008/2009 debacle but more than BMW is comfortable with. Many of us will be driving in 2011s next month. At that point it should be a very buyer friendly market. I won't pay over 60k for a loaded 2010 when I can get a 2011 for 2-4k more, but that's just me.

Tell her you found a great deal for a 2011, and make her tell you why you should get that 2010.