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I got my flame suit on

Sorry guy's I do have a life and I may be busy deciding which convetible I'm going to drive, the Silver or the White in sunny California. I have noticed that guy's are waiting in the wings to make someone look stupid, not just me. This forum is to learn things from other brother's not to say look at the nubie he has not been reading. I get on at least twice a week, but I can't always read all the articles. I like to hunt and fish also, but if someone wants to learn about hunting I don't tell them sorry nubie you should have read more articles about hunting before you asked me a question. That said I won the most votes for the best shit talker in fantasy football this year, so keep it coming. And as for being the nubie I have been in longer then the ones calling me nubie, look at the join date before you comment. LoL. Thanks Burt for the article I owe you one. Peace out.