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Originally Posted by FCTrs4 View Post
hey gents. i need some help.
my local dealer isn't very keen on selling me at invoice as the constantly say that the m3 is not a car that they discount etc...the CA said there's 6% mark up on the car and if they were to sell me close to invoice they won't make any money. i know that's b.s. here's the numbers- how do you think i should proceed/ how to get them down on price?

selling pr:73000
3yr/15k mi lease
mf: .0014
3300 down
1181.42 incl. tax
the CA said BMW is giving a 2500 rebate. i want to get them down on price and see if i can get in the 1000s. any help is appreciated.
I'd look elsewhere because of the the BS mark up statement alone. But that's just me. I'm a bit bitter to blatantly dishonest salespeople.