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both threads present no evidence of "ruining" anything.

If you lower your car with just springs ... the springs will most likely be stiffer ..... therefore, you will wear the shocks out faster (EDC or not) since the shock will have to work faster.
You will also wear all the attached suspension components more .....and it is wise to check for cracks, worn bushings and loose nuts/bolts more often the with OE Springs.

The same applies to Coilover Kits minus the shock wear.

This BMW was obviously designed to use the bump stops as a helper spring ... and when you shorten the spring you increase the bump stops load .... is that 'ruin' your M3???

And please understand that you are not exempt from the laws of 'accelerated wear & tear' just because you have a full C/O kit and not just springs. The only thing you save is your OE Shocks.

Springs alone have never yielded better handling then a full C/O kit ..... only this is the 1st time its more popular keep the EDC shocks.

Bottom-line: If you want better handling ... go with a rebutable Coilover Kit.
if you want to keep your EDC shocks and lower your car .. go with Springs.
Both will wear your suspension components faster and neither will 'RUIN' your M3.

And furthermore, for what it's worth ..... the same exact e90/e92m3 at the track ..... one with H&R Springs and one with OE Springs .... same driver, same hour ... The H&R spring'd M3 will lap slightly faster... and that's a fact.

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