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Starting from the OP of the original thread this is what I am basically getting. Please correct me if I am wrong.

If I own a car with EDC my safest and best bet for springs is either Dinan or Eibach. These are both minimal drops but provide the best ride(non bumpy) and the safest amount of drop for all other stock components. Now I am also understanding that people are changing other suspension components. Such as bumpstops and front guide supports.

Let me just give everyone a little background on my situation. I have not ordered my m3 YET. But EDC seems like a great option I always wanted. UNTIL I knew I was going to get aftermarket rims/brakes. Since day one of seeing/driving this m3 it always looked 4x4 to me.

My whole attitude on lowering a car is very negative. I know how many days of R&D went into developing spring/shocks/tire sizes/compounds/ spring rates etc etc. I always try and choose a suspension setup as close to stock as possible because I do not want to ruin one of the best parts of my new car especially an m3s suspension.

In tire and wheel choice I will not go larger then a 19` rim and probably end up with a lightweight 18`. I will not stretch the tire size much more then stock because I take into account all the actually development behind the antics.

But I cannot live with spending 9k+ on wheels/tires/brakes and having a gap I can fit 4 fingers in between my fender and my tire. I hope everyone understands my feelings and theory on the whole suspension thing. I always go with the theory function over form. So yes I LOVE the m3s handling and ride etc etc. If I can improve all of that while gaining somewhat of a drop that is my optimal route. I would not want a large drop for aesthetics only while loosing my ride to bumpiness and or rubbing.

Would it make sense for me to not even get edc and then just get coils. This is where I am at with this decision and I am actually happy because I didn't order the car yet SO I can weight my options. Thank you for the read and thank you to everyone who put technical data in this thread I learned a lot.
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