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How long we have to remain there in a combat role depends to a great extent on how long it takes the Iraqis to make the political compromises and agreements that will be necessary if Iraq is to remain a unified state.
How long will that take???????

I think you know the answer, and its not in a couple of months. So bearing this in mind, I think its reasonable to say that it will take 10+ years. Are the American people ready to sink that much money and effort? Whats the US deficit to date?

I would not think that an invasion of Iran or Syria is likely. What may, and I hope would, happen is we would not feel constrained by the border if we believe material support, training, or equipment was flowing across the border. Limited incursions by ground and/or air forces to destroy those sites regardless of which side of the line they are on would be entirely appropriate.
Yes, you may want to do this, but I don't think the rest of the world would view this as appropriate. How about technical information crossing over boarders that threaten the US. Like for example the information being shared with North Korea, are you saying that the US need to address this also?

As much as you want to strike at Iran and Syria, YOU DONT HAVE THE NUMBERS OR MONEY TO DO SO....period! Unless you want to have China do it! Good luck convincing them.

I think al Anbar could probably use one or even two brigades more than currently planned.
How many in a brigade? Not being sarcastic, I really don't know.
How many brigades in Iraq now? How many do you need for the suggestion of attacking Syria and Iran?

EDIT: I looked it up and that equates to about 3-5 thousand in a brigade. Two brigades is only half of what Bush suggested to congress not to long ago.

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