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I don't think BMWFS will offer a lease on a '09. I think they only lease current year cars, but I could be mistaken. Even if they do, the residual will be horrendously low. I would look for $12-15k off (doubt you will get the dealer to take that big of hit on it as I don't think there is any factory cash on the '09s) or just find a low mileage used one for a bit less than that. Buying non-current year new cars never makes economic sense unless you plan to keep it forever and want to minimize your upfront investment. As soon as you drive it off the lot it will be a used 2 year old car that will be worth a lot less.

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Hey guys I've been dying to get a new M3 but have just been waiting for the right time and for my current lease to end in a couple months. A local dealer told me they have a leftover 09 e93 m3 but its stickered at around 81k...I'm not sure how much they would drop in order to sell it ASAP and make room for the 2011s...

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions from experience as far as how aggressive the drop in price should be at, I dont know if I should kinda use the 08 e93 examples people have had luck buying and leasing at insanely low far as the MF and residual goes..

Any ideas as far as what the current MF and residual should be at also for current 09s?