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Originally Posted by mclarenmaniac View Post
My e92 2011 M3 just went into production today. My dealer says i still have 2-3 weeks before which i can opt for Performance Center Delivery Option.

I was wondering is it worth going all the way from Northern Virginia to Spartanburg, SC for pick up?

Any opinions or experiences?
Yes, it's worth it. Do it.

This is what we did:

- Braking exercise;
- Lapping session on a short track; I had not been on any track in over 5 years, and that session made me get back into it;
- Skidpad;
- Other Roads course in an X5 (it really shows that soccer moms under-utilize their X5s);
- Ride in an M5 with an instructor (very impressive);
- Museum visit (personally I liked it a lot; they have some very cool cars, including some that I was a big fan of when I was a kid);
- And, of course, car delivery.

I skipped the factory tour, but you can do that too.

What struck me most was the enthusiasm of all the BMW staff, especially the driving instructors. People who work at the Performance Center really seem happy to work there, and proud of their products.

I drove there from Alexandria. I picked up a rental car at National and dropped it off at Spartanburg airport. It takes a whole day, and I have to say that there isn't a great deal to see between NoVA and Spartanburg, but it was still a nice little trip. The fact that BMW pays for the hotel and a very good meal is nice. And the drive back is a good way to break in your car.

You can bring a guest, and he/she will be able to participate in all the activities.

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