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So, no matter what evidences, or media quotes or...are given to you, you simply dispute them by telling me:

1) Yep, it was violent in Iraq before, not much worse now except for Baghdad and Anbar Pr.
2) Yep, the insurgency was all over it before...although the word insurgency was "invented" during this war
3) Bush predicted that after 4 years basically nothing was done (actually it is worse now) and that we will stay there for decades
4) When Bush did his little Air Carrier thing -- he did it only to celebrate Saddam capture
5) The war in Iraq where we occupied the sovereign country is of the same weight as the WW2 where we fought to defend our soil and our alies
6) All Iraq war planning was done adequately and carefully and everything what is happening was expected (almost everything)
7) A war against NK (for example) fighting 1M people in the completely different terrain would be comparable to fighting (lets say in the worst case) 100,000 insurgents in the desert
8) Increasing the number of troops by (only) 15% is a good approach although 90% of analysts say not enough
9) This war was completely supported and approved by the UN, although initially only 34 countries joined, out of 34 countries, 2 of them contributed with 99% of man-power, funds, and equipment...and unfortunately casualties;
10) If we win the war in Iraq, we will win the war on Terror, although we're so focused (and stretched) in Iraq that terrorists can freely train and operate in many other countries of the world now. Even in "our" Afghanistan, we get daily reports of Taliban re-capturing cities. Wait, I thought there is no more Taliban???
11) Saddam used the WMD in 80's against kurds and murdered (lets exaggerate) 50,000 of them for the reasons known to him -- because they did not want to follow his rules. We used the A-bombs in the 40's and murdered 250,000 people (no exaggeration) because Japan did not want to follow our wishes, but now we dictate who is going to have the biombs and who's not?
....................There is more, but I am too lazy now...................

On the other topic (from Israel thread):

12) We supported the Albanian separation in Serbia because they were the majority in the region and not allowed to have thir own rights...whatever. If the Palestinians (Arabs) want the same from Israel, we do not support it. Is that the justice?

Economy THreads:

13) The housing market -- sucks
14) Job market looks OK, however, there are still huge lay offs int he Tech markets -- very unstable
15) Instead of improving our medical plans, we are investing all the $$$ in this war. An example -- Went to the nutricionist yesterday, the insurance will not pay the visit because I do not already have the diabetes, although my mom has it, and it runs in my family...
16) the buying power nowdays is much worse than it used to be due to the prices increase of the common goods

and so on...

Of course, there are good things, too. However, they are just overshadowed by this war and the terrorist fears. That is what they exactly wanted, I guess...

PS. the link above was from ski360. Just to show that there are different views from people that are in there...