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Originally Posted by mclarenmaniac View Post
how many hours do you get to track the m3?
There are a few write ups around on these boards with lots of pictures, search around. Basically you get about 4 hours of track time. Both in the M3, hot lap by the instructor in an M5, and also some time in the X5 on the off-road course. In addition, you also get a guided tour of the factory & museum that is nearby (they were making X6's when we were there). The museum was 'meh', but the factory tour was actually pretty interesting, and the course was fun. For the course, it isn't the racing course like you can pay for (which lasts 2 days), it is more of a general BMW owner course (emergency braking, wet track, and some track time). You do it in their car, and they encourage you to push it.

All in all it is a full day.

It was great fun, and SC is a pretty area to visit.