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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Actually, there was not insurgency in Iraq before we stepped in. The "Iron Fist" was preventing all that. Actually, I would not call all of them "insurgents", some of them are actually -- resistance. Fighting against agression.
Actually there were active insurgencies in the south (Shia Marsh Arabs) and the north (Kurds) against Saddam's regime. Obviously there was no Ba'athist insurgency before we got there, they were in charge.

Then, he (them) is not either applying his knowledge correctly or he simply thought he knew it... Please see the link:
What was the point of that link? Should we have given more weight to the opinion of a reserve captain over those of a general who had actually lived and studied in the region?

Actually, I avoid listening to his crap.
Anyway, all I remember is the sign "Mission Accomplished".
Also, above in his speach -- he says "the parts of the counrey remain dangerous". That was then. Now, it is the whole country, there is no safe place in Iraq!
The mission of toppling Saddam's regime was accomplished. He said more work needed to be done before we could leave and he was right.

The vast majority of the violence in Iraq is confined to Baghdad and al Anbar province. The rest of the country, especially the Kurdish region is relatively safe.

You're comparing the WW2 war with this??? Give me a break please
Actually you are, see above.

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