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Perfect Window Tint in Costa Mesa Hüper Optiks

I contacted a friend last night because I remember he got Hüper Optik on his E46 and how much he loved it. He said he would definitely would get it again. I found out that he had it done at Perfect Window Tint in Costa Mesa off Harbor Blvd. I was worried about the dot matrix problem some have had with other tint shops and specifically stressed about it over the phone with Salvador (the owner). He assured that it wasn't a problem at all...however he said the rear upper window matrix could be a problem but he claimed 95% success rate. Soon as I arrived he explained to me the shades as we walked to different cars parked outside with the same film I was about to get. I decided on the 40%. My car is alpine white on black. He even had this box with a halogen light and placed 2 sample glasses in front of it. One was conventional tint and the other with the Hüper. He made me place my hand infront of the light as he slid the glass plates infront of it. Difference is night and day. I felt like I was part of a infomercial but with a product that actually works. He spent around 4 hours working on my car. Taking his time to check and recheck and make sure the dot matrix was just "perfect". While I got tired of watching him work I waited in his waiting room. Big screen TV with satellite TV and tons of movies to watch as well as magazines. Big L shaped comfy over plush leather couch. I watched speed channel and discovery channel and was about to fall asleep until he came in and told me it was all done. He reassured me everything came out great and guaranteed his work and to come back if there are any problems. Overall I am happy with the results and actually can't wait to really test it out in the summer heat. I give Salvador and Perfect Window tint two thumbs up...

Overall time: 4hrs
Cost: $375 (4 door sedan $475)
He can do front window tint with lighter Hüper Optik for $200 or $175 if you do it all at the same time.

BTW...he carries other ceramic tints like Llumar and some others...

Perfect Window Tint‎
3071 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA‎ 92704
(714) 546-1002

Pics to come soon...

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