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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Measured, how? It seems other people have had great experiences with other Client Advisors, starting with the negotiation part, continuing to the ordering process, taking care of people when unforeseen problems occurred and finally with the redelivery process.

I disagree.

But that said, there is nothing wrong with paying a few hundred more to go with a CA that you know and trust, or came highly recommended by others.

You should check out other forums. For at least the past 5-6 years that I've been regularly checking it, bimmerfest has always posted invoice prices immediately after they became available to dealers. Hold on, I think even when I purchased my 2003 I have been aware of the "secret information". Oh wait, darn it I knew it even in 1998 with my Audi...

It's called the internet, search and you shall find.

As an aside observation, unless you want people to suspect you of having a material interest with the salesperson in question, usually one post is enough - where you are typically expected to post your own experience, nothing more. Just a suggestion, nothing personal against you...

(and I have absolutely nothing against David either, I wish him all the best)
ADRIAN???. You are also an expert in ED. Great to have you here as well. . How is the weather in Atlanta?