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Envy Charge Pipe Long Term Review (no dyno)

As I've noticed a lot of concerns about the Envy charge pipe, I decided to examine mine over the weekend because I was worried that the pipe may have been damaged. Besides, I've recently received numerous PMs asking for my feedback. I hope this answers some of the questions I've received. All the pics were taken this weekend. That is, they show the pipe used for approx. 5K miles.

Disclaimer: No one or no vendor asked me to do this. I am doings this purely for the members of this forum.

Concern 1: under hard acceleration, the pipe may crack because it does not have a flex section.

I inspected the pipe very carefully for any damage. My visual inspection suggests it's perfectly fine with no cracks or distorted CF weaves. I've driven my car with the pipe installed pretty hard and I assume the pipe has managed the engine's tilting under hard acceleration.

Concern 2: electric tape is inadequate to seal the intake and protect the seal from heat.

The electric tape showed no signs of burns or melts. It seems to do what it's supposed to do quite well.

Concern 3: The plaque rubs on the underside of the hood.

True. It does scratches the underside.

Solution: I partially filed the right side rivet on the plaque.

Overall, I still like the improved throttle response the charge pipe provides. Does it have a couple of design flaws? Yes. Does it compromise my car's overall performance? No. If you want a perfect aftermarket product straight out of the box, this is perhaps not for you. I am not endorsing the pipe, but just giving the forum my .02.

P.S. a couple of teaser shots of my next mod. That's some fine looking welding IMO.
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