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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
That is what I like. I well thought out and reasoned response. Why bother with possible repercussions?
Or maybe people do not believe the leaders and their plans any more. Maybe this whole unprepared, unplanned attack against the JOKE army of Iraq with no insight what would happen after toppling Saddam (now) just made people sick of our world dominance and policing??? It is obvious that our military planners failed miserably, that the financial planners did the same...and all the way up the chain of command. People of America are fed up with it. Especially because more and more of our soldiers are dying every day.
Iraq army was a joke and this whole thing should have been planned better. Can you imagine a conflict against the real defensive force like NK or Iran...we would have no chance with the planning like this.

And for what...winning in Iraq does not guarantee andy safed and better future for us...probably only for Iraqis. The majority of threat (call them terrorists if you will) are most likely outside of Iraq planning new attacks either on our troops in Iraq, or on the USA...

That is why I said above this is NOT our war. We should be fighting against the real threat to us, not this Bush desire to fullfil some of his wishes -- either oil wishes, daddy's wishes, dominance wishes...who knows...