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At the risk of sounding like a tecnocraft fan boy i think you guys need to think about something. A couple cars have been dyno'd with the tecnocraft charge pipe and shown great gains. others have lost power, however, for the cars that have lost power when looking at the air fuel ratio it was not at the normal reading, but this is something that can be adjusted with a proper tune. All of our cars will respond differently to a mod. Just because one person gained 20hp from an exhaust does not mean the next guy will. Our cars are very picky, a custom tune for one car will not run gain the same Hp for another car with the same mods. I think that because more people have bought the tecnocraft pipe over the dinan is the only reason we have not seen any dyno loses of the dinan piece. As more people purchase the dinan piece im willing to bet some people will lose hp and its not because of the product, its the car. the only real difference between the parts are the size ( Tecnocraft is bigger ) and the flex sections, besides that they have the same concept.
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