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Originally Posted by BMWCadet View Post
The GTS isn't only about the 4.4l engine. If BMW wants to reenergize M3 sales, they replace the 4.0l. If not, then this generation will end rather quietly because no one's knocking down doors to buy whats out there right now.

Also people need to stop living as if its the year 2002. The competition has caught up. Straightline or not, people are going the C63 route because it has a lot more power and 90% of the owners out there will never take their cars to the track anyway so straightline performance is all that matters to them.

If they released the 4.4l engine, i'd be at the dealer the next day and i'm sure i'm not the only one. Yeah, there will be a lot of angry owners, but so what? Its a business and businesses are hurting right now.

Agreed. I'd be camping outside to place an order.