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Hey Guys,

Sorry about my absence yesterday night. In addition to it being a crazy night for me, my buddy at Encore was leaving for a 5 month vacation in Europe as well, so I was working hard to get the exhaust order in-time before him leaving. I will try to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability. I also don't know Everything* regarding Encore Innovation's business direction at this point, so I can give a little bit of information in that regard, but I don't want to get into it in that much detail so that I don't spread any misinformation/step on any toes .

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Hey man put me down as a maybe. How loud is this compared to other mufflers? Is it comparable to an Eisenmann Sport or Eisenmann Race in loudness? I am looking for something on the quieter side...
Hey, the best comparison I can give in this regard is the video of the exhaust in dB up against the arqray titanium exhaust. It seems to be a little bit louder but not overly so:

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Wow that is a sick price
How much shipped to US 23116?
So is EI still in business??
Thanks! EI is still in business. From what I hear, they are re-tooling and doing retail products for what they call more 'exotic' branding. From what I heard, they were never really retailers for their own stuff, and for M3 they are now only doing custom setups. When I asked if I could get more of these systems, they said that they still had the tooling to do it, but it would be really close to the pricing when they were making them for retail sale. We are getting them pretty much around cost.

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Any group buys on their xpipe + hfcs?
Unfortunately, there are none left. I wanted that too.

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Can we do a drop ship and just pick it up from them? They're in SoCal. If that could happen, you'll get a lot of people.

From a few other people here, this seems to be a pretty loud exhaust and may drone some.
My friend from Encore left yesterday for Europe for a few months. I wanted to do something where we just ship them out as well direct from them. However, to get it done before him leaving would have been impossible; so we concluded that the easiest way was for me to get them and then ship them out to interested parties.

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Well some of us wouldn't want that as it might be limited to only 4 more exhausts.

From the looks of this, the other 2 (including me) that are in the list in addition of Catch_M3 would need to get it shipped.

Also, what about Warranty? Their website doesn't exist so how would we get in contact in case of something being wrong with the exhaust physically wise?
In terms of warranty, I honestly have to say I am not sure. I will shoot an e-mail out to my contact but at this point I cannot say for certain. Keep in mind that he just left for a vacation so I do not know what response time from him will be like at this time. I don't wanna bother him that much if possible. He pulled alot of strings for me to get this done already.

If there are any warranty documents that come with the units, I will for sure update the thread with anything they give me. Keep in mind that we are getting them basically at cost, so I am unsure of my expectations in regards to warranty.

These are the exact same units that were being sold on the site for double the price a few months ago. Same units that received very positive reviews in terms of the welds and fitment . Luckily other than fitment and welds, not much can go wrong with mufflers/connecting pipes. Anything I know, you guys will know when/if I receive additional info in this regard. However, once these 4 units go the chances of me being able to get any more are very slim.

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This is an amazing deal compared to other exhaust systems!!!

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I want to jump on this but I don't know, it just looks like after November of last year these folks just disappeared.....
It is the exact same system as before. If you want any contact with them regarding a custom M3 setup, you can also PM me . They are still around; I heard that 2 M3s asked them to do a custom setup (headers/midpipe/axleback), that with tune yielded 45-50 HP. I also heard that they asked for this project to be exclusive to only those 2 M3s, however I am sure they can do something with similar results .

I went to some couriers for shipping quotes. It seems to most of the lower states, shipping from Canada will be $125 +/- $25 . If anyone has a Fedex/UPS/DHL/Purolator account please let me know.

I will also post detailed pictures of my own units, so that you guys get an idea of how great the welds are!! .

PS. Thank you LBM for providing some info and pics in my absence!!