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Originally Posted by BaLLzZz View Post
Hi board as I am coming closer to ordering my m3 I am compiling a LONG list of mods to order or commit myself too. So I am asking for anyone's educated guesstimate on the power I plan to add to the car. Here goes the list after many long hours of research.

m3 dct

1 - Dinan flash
2 - Dinan pulley
3 - Gintani Race fully catless xpipe etc...
4 - (possibly) Dinan 3.62 gears I believe for the dct im still looking into this mod
5- Undecided airbox/intake Probably scoops and a drop in filter

With that list what are everyone's guestimattes of power bump compared to stock?

I will give my reasoning for each mod choice.

The dinan flash I am choosing for multiple reasons. One is the nice reassurance you get with them. Also why pay 900 for a flash then when BMW reflashes the system I have to go threw all that trouble of getting my (powerchip) flash back. I have seen it happen in the case of Dinan the dealer just gets a new email from Dinan and it gets re installed free of charge.

The Dinan pulley is another I want to keep my warranty per say

The Gintani Race I like the loud very loud and I like the black tips and how they fill the rear valance

The gears I want to add that low TQ but don't know the advantages to disadvantage. If someone could fill me in on that in detail I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance
My guestimates:whp

#1 10
#2 5
#3 25-30 when done with appropriate flash
#4 no idea
#5 scoops: nada
filter: 5

Steve Dinan is a smart guy that makes good products. Go with their products if you want, but you're not keeping any warranty just because you go with them. If crap happens, you WILL end up paying after months of getting nowhere as Dinan and the dealer point the finger at each other. Also, if you're planning on getting free service at BMW during your "warranty" period, check with your dealer on how they feel about servicing a car with a catless exhaust that you're driving in. I doubt they'd give you much trouble with HFC's (which most people don't realize are also against EPA guidelines to install unless your current OEM cats are defective or warranty expired), but catless is a whole other story.