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Originally Posted by Lemans_Blue_M View Post
I love the statement in your signature...I couldn't agree more. (hint, hint)

BTW: I made sure to give you a complete and thorough breakdown of WHY you should consider the Dinan mid-pipe. The T-304 stainless steel construction, top notch TIG welding, and Dinan's legendary fit and finish quality has been very well established over the past few decades.

Curious to hear what was the other guys detailed analysis was for choosing the Gintani x-pipe over the Dinan?
lOl why thank you I cannot take credit for the statement but only for standing behind it.

I totally understand your thoughts and reasoning behind the Dinan x pipe recommendation. I personally, when it comes to exhaust put Sound at the top of my list. I also have read and heard Gintani does have great craftsmanship. Still on the fence with the part. All I am worried about is the Dinan MID muffling the Gintanis RAW sound.

I will decide when I have to lOl

At least im 100% on the pulley, tune, gears, and intake modifications. For that alone this thread has helped and I am thankfull.

NOW rims/brakes/suspension that will be a whole different thread after phase one of my modding is complete.
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