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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Clubsport in the UK = Competition Package in the USA

And the author of that old CS article was incorrect in stating that the CS -or even the CSL- wheels were forged. Both wheels were spun cast.

Unless BMWNA takes the Clubsport name as a distinct version (extra "racing" features) of the M3 in the USA then it will continue be the ZCP here in the USA.
thats my point

the O.P. was getting excited supposing that this "clubsport" pack meant they would be selling bits from the GTS. It wont be, it will just be the competition pack with a few tweaks etc..

Oh and the author of that article is probably the biggest car magazine in the UK. If they got any facts wrong, its because BMW got it wrong. Big mainstream magazines like evo just repeat what they are told in the press pack.

Quick search shows that BMW UK were marketing them as Forged

So blame BMW for that one.