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not really hard to believe. that is why it took Dinan so long to come out with there intake, bc they actually did something called R&D. i am so sick of these flake companies producing shit thats right shit and customers spend there hard earned money on it. and just bc there a sponsor here or there or someone got one for free people kiss the ground they walk on and all of a sudden there a great company. lmao please

people love to talk shit about Dinan and how bad they are and how they don't do this and don't do that and there stuff is hype yada yada

hmm seems like Dinan is the only one with a clue of whats up, and still standing strong all these years later. it says something when BMW lets a company sell aftermarket products in there dealerships no??

i was happy to pay the premium for there intake knowing what was going into my car and not having to wonder if the thing would hurt it etc

just makes you wonder how many other products out there for our cars from companies that did little to no R&D and is just a crap product. people make fun of me bc i put Dinan stuff on my car. well i never gave a shit what people think and i don't plan to start. i sleep at night knowing my car has a good product on it.

good luck to everyone who bought something else and hope it stands up to the claims from the company and if not they will stand behind the product

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Correction: Dinan has a "flex section". If you want to see how much the engine moves to side, there are enough youtube videos where people rev the envine of our M3's. IMO the missing flexibility could damage the pipe itself, in worst case it slips off and unfiltered air could get into the engine.

So Dinan has the only proper constructed CP ? Hard to believe.

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