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Originally Posted by M3Captain View Post
Move #1.....

Get a 6MT!!!!!!

Removing the primary cats and a tune will develop the most power from this car. Intake, pulley, etc... Is not much HP. Or forgo all the BS and just get an ESS kit! Either way you will love this car. Just installed a Remus Race and the sound is intoxicating!
Haaa how you been buddy?

Thats a whole other aspect I chose for dumb reasons. I LOVE the speed of the shifts with the DCT. I also love the stupid little things like the shift lights on the tach.

Dont get me wrong heal/toe in this car is amazing esp with a little ssk. But again I opted for dct for the shift speed and shift lights. I also live in the city. UGHHHH not an easy desicion BUT one I did make already.

**Im going to be spending about 10k easy on bolt on performance. And definatly for hp/$ ratio the ess kit sounds great BUT I will not fi this car. Most I would do is stroke and I dont see that happening anytime soon. Just my feeling on the engine etc...
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