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Originally Posted by cuban335i View Post
lmao you got robbed... my mom is paying $1400 a month for a 24 month lease of a 750li individual that's msrp was 104k...

oh and btw i just checked with bmw financial services... a 73k car with 25k down and a 36 month lease comes out to $493 a month for 10k miles a year... and $549 for 15k miles a year but who would put 15k a year on a m3? so i doubt you got 15k a year as the mileage option
Alright. cool...i'm not lying to you, I don't even have the time to...If you want the car then reply here. Quit trying to contradict what i'm saying. We put that much down on my lease, and that's how much my payment came out to. Now go find better things to do then bash my thread...