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Originally Posted by Spec 1 View Post
Yea, this whole thing has essentially shown that Toyota has known about major problems with their vehicles for years, causing hundreds deaths and many more injuries, and have kept all the info private and not done a thing to fix it. Toyota has also been found out to have withheld rollover info on many of their SUVs that have caused injuries and deaths. Now that they've been found out and the courts are demanding they give the info up, they're probably getting rid of as much of it as they can before complying.
Where are you getting this "hundreds of deaths" number?? Only 19 deaths so far have been officially attributed to unintended acceleration and most of those were concluded to be stuck floor mats (including the investigation into the Santee crash in August). While there may be some electonic glitch that has caused a few instances, the chances of this happeneing to the average Toyota owner is lower than that of getting struck by lightning....
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