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Out of the woodwork

Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
your talking about one product from them. i bought my midpipe when it had a 2 year warranty, it has since changed. i have a 2 year warranty with my midpipe instead of the normal 4 year warranty. any new midpipe sales then yes that one is racing only as you put it

other then that how is there warranty falsehood, you use one product they make to try and talk crap. all the other products have the 4 year warranty

and the workmanship means nothing lol. it means that is there is something wrong with it they are gonna replace it and warranty it. there not a fly by the night company like other ones out there that leave there customers out to dry. i have been using them for almost ten years and never had one issue

do you even own any of there products to have such knowledge that they wouldn't cover a product??

love when the haters come out of the woodworks.

Dude. Quoting Dinan's website does not make me a hater nor does it mean that I am talking crap. In reality it is all the "crap" being talked that forces me to qoute the website.
The OP was being pitched the Dinan x-pipe and software for several reasons, one of which was a warranty that doesn't exist PER THEIR WEBSITE!!!
READ THE QUOTE... "These products are not warrantied against wear and/or failure under any circumstances" What exactly does that leave under the "workmanship" category? Usually workmanship warranties on stainless steel products which don't have moving parts would cover welds or manufacturing defects, but most companies cover that, its industry standard. And even if you did have such a problem, the quoted sentence above says failure under ANY circumstances is not warrantied. I'm not saying Dinan would not fix a weld in their exhaust (im sure they would actually) its just that such a problem is extremely unlikely with any of the exhausts being discussed and these companies would likely warranty these problems as well.

BTW, what do you think the "workmanship" warranty on the racing software covers?!?

I am not picking one product out, mearly responding to the two that are frequently "advertised" on this sight as being a better choice due to their "warranty". The midpipe and midpipe software. I understand that other products carry the Dinan OEM matching warranty. But most people are not particularly worried that their cat-back system is going to viod their OEM warranty, which just leaves the pulley with respect to the OP's projected mods.

So pull it back a notch... I have no doubt that your Dinan set-up rips, nor do I have ANYTHING against Dinan. But the purpose of this forum is to purvey accurate information and I don't feel we have been doing that with respect to this issue.

I will now return to the Woodwork.