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Originally Posted by ZWEAPON View Post
I remember watching someone Die on the back straight in 83....
We were walking up the back straight right at the crest that day when we heard bodywork scraping and saw Mike Allens car go by us about 10 ft up the air rotating backwards and it landed upside down on the guardrail which decapitated him and the car continued to roll well into corner 8.We realized it was fatal when a marshall picked up the helmet & ran away from it in shock.Years later I found out that person worked for us and had to go through therapy in order to deal with this.
It turned out that he had spun at corner 5 and had dislodged the rear bodywork on the curbing and as he got to fastest part of the circuit the rear deck lifted and blanked out the airflow to the rear wing and acted like a parachute which caused the car to go airborne.All quite unfortunate to say the least.At the vintage races a few years ago a person was killed when his Wolf Can Am car went over backwards when it was suspected that the front wing mount broke