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- This is not OUR war, this is the war to enable Iraq to function. If we succeed in it, is anyone going to thank us, or just say, OK, great, get out.

Of course it is our war. Is it in our national interest that there be a government in Iraq that fights rather than supports terrorists? That offers the region an alternative between autocratic dictatorships and radical islamists? I would say yes to both. Whether anyone there will thank us is irrelevant. We do what we do because we believe it is in our national interest not because someone else will appreciate it.

- We got in, and that is it. Now, is it worth loosing more lives over there or it is enough? Is it worth loosing more money? Yes, we can quit now and deal with OUR daily problems and other potential problems, and get this Iraq thing out of our every day lives. ski360 mentioned that the Military carries us on their backs... It SHOULD NOT be that is not that way anywhere elese in the world!

If we succeed it will be worth it. If we quit, the lives lost were surely wasted. I don't recall there being provisos in the congressional authorization laying out how much blood and treasure we would expend to accomplish the mission. The thing about war is that once you commit to it, the commitment should be total. We find ourself in a strange historical predicament where our ability to wage war is constrained more by the damage we wish to inflict than the damage we that can be inflicted upon us.

- Is this war going to make my kid's lives any better and any safer?

I would say that my children will be safer if 'al-Qaeda is not provided safe haven by another regime as they were by the Taliban. They will be safer if Iran is constrained by pro-western neighbors rather than empowered by a puppet government to the west.

- Is this going to cost us another un-wise decision -- next time it may be necessary to act quickly, but we may just wait too long because of this experience

That will depend on who we elect to make those decisions. I assure you that quitting in Vietnam did not improve our ability to act decisively. Certainly, repeating that experience will not be any different.

- Will this cause a "payback" in the future -- more terrorist action against us, more desire to do it, less respect from other nations...

You wish to blame us for what the terrorists do. Quitting in Iraq will only embolden those who wish to harm us.

- I doubt this will be over in next 24 months. What is the next prez decides to pull out -- then we wasted more lives and billions over next 2 years. It is pretty sure that the next prez will not be Republican at this point...

I guess we will see in Nov 2008.

Finally, is quitting now an option at all?

I would hope not.

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