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Honest Power Bump Guesstimates?

Hi board as I am coming closer to ordering my m3 I am compiling a LONG list of mods to order or commit myself too. So I am asking for anyone's educated guesstimate on the power I plan to add to the car. Here goes the list after many long hours of research.

m3 dct

1 - Dinan flash
2 - Dinan pulley
3 - Gintani Race fully catless xpipe etc...
4 - (possibly) Dinan 3.62 gears I believe for the dct im still looking into this mod
5- Undecided airbox/intake Probably scoops and a drop in filter

With that list what are everyone's guestimattes of power bump compared to stock?

I will give my reasoning for each mod choice.

The dinan flash I am choosing for multiple reasons. One is the nice reassurance you get with them. Also why pay 900 for a flash then when BMW reflashes the system I have to go threw all that trouble of getting my (powerchip) flash back. I have seen it happen in the case of Dinan the dealer just gets a new email from Dinan and it gets re installed free of charge.

The Dinan pulley is another I want to keep my warranty per say

The Gintani Race I like the loud very loud and I like the black tips and how they fill the rear valance

The gears I want to add that low TQ but don't know the advantages to disadvantage. If someone could fill me in on that in detail I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance
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