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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
If I may interject, I think this problem stems from those in the military and and those outside having a different perspective on the nature of war and how the soldiers got there.

Soldiers generally do think of any one individual as having sent them into harm's way. They see what they do as service to the nation and that the nation has asked them to perform a task that is important enough for them to risk their lives accomplishing it. While people outside the military can speak of Iraq as "Bush's war" or Vietnam as "Johnson's war," the soldier look at it as America's war.

Soldiers also look at war as a win or lose proposition and if it is important enough to the nation to send them into a war, it should be equally as important to win it. I think what most soldiers would object to is not criticism of specific strategies or tactics in fighting the war (soldiers do that all the time themselves) but the questioning of the importance of winning the war once we have committed to it.

We, as a nation, sent those young men over there to accomplish a mission that we, as a nation, agreed was an important mission. The questions and doubts over the importance of the mission should have been dealt with prior to the first soldier setting foot over there. Once the decision has been made, we owe it to those soldiers not to second guess it until they do what we asked them to do.
I agree with both posts above.
However, what the real question should be:
- This is not OUR war, this is the war to enable Iraq to function. If we succeed in it, is anyone going to thank us, or just say, OK, great, get out.
- We got in, and that is it. Now, is it worth loosing more lives over there or it is enough? Is it worth loosing more money? Yes, we can quit now and deal with OUR daily problems and other potential problems, and get this Iraq thing out of our every day lives. ski360 mentioned that the Military carries us on their backs... It SHOULD NOT be that is not that way anywhere elese in the world!
- Is this war going to make my kid's lives any better and any safer?
- Is this going to cost us another un-wise decision -- next time it may be necessary to act quickly, but we may just wait too long because of this experience
- Will this cause a "payback" in the future -- more terrorist action against us, more desire to do it, less respect from other nations...
- I doubt this will be over in next 24 months. What is the next prez decides to pull out -- then we wasted more lives and billions over next 2 years. It is pretty sure that the next prez will not be Republican at this point...

Finally, is quitting now an option at all?