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Originally Posted by CliffJumper View Post
I strongly disagree with this. I was on the fence about EDC when ordering, but I decided to go with it. I'm now convinced it's one of the best options on the car. I usually drive around town in "comfort" mode, and my M3 w/ 19" wheels is far more comfortable than my gf's 335 w/ sport pack. When I'm doing some fun canyon drives or cruising down the freeway at higher-than-typical speeds, I switch into Normal and get better road feel & handling.

I've been the to BMW racing school and the instructors DO tell you to put it in Normal, but that's because "Normal" in an EDC-equipped car is a continuously adaptive/active suspension that constantly adjusts itself based on several factors. If the front tire hits a bump, the rear shock prepares itself for the same bump before the rear tire hits it.

Only SPORT mode in EDC is like the stock suspension with a lowering kit or stiffer springs (i.e. it is simply stiff with no real-time adjustments). Other than "feeling" more boy-racerish, it's actually slower, and the BMW racing instructors will tell you that too.

Sorry for the slightly OT rant, but don't want misinformation to be spread.

Good luck w/ your search! BTW, if you use one of the salespeople who is a board sponsor on Bimmerfest, you can get a better deal on a new M3 than what your describing above.
Your right the EDC Normal is different from a non-EDC M3. I drove both and could not tell a difference, but the roads here in Georgia are pretty good. Like I said though if you plan to run lower springs or coilover later your wasting your money.
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