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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
ski360, get off my back you f'n idiot. As you can see there are normal people here that do not share my opinion, but are civilized enough to respect the opposite thoughts.
If you call yourself a hero for distributing these emails and for sitting somewhere and surf internet all day long, you're in the wrong business.

If you call yourself a patriot for just ignoring our problems (and every country has them), you're a moron not giving a shit about the USA and the democracy we stand for. Not even to mention your children's future and your family for that matter.

As for my past -- you may see it as a cowardness, or the other way around. If you read my posts and if you have any brains, you may have figured out where I come from and the chronology of the events that lead to my move to the USA. Maybe because the military service over there was mandatory, and maybe because I was against fighting with my neighbors just because they belonged to a different religion. Maybe I left because I saw something you will never see in your sorry life (like a pile of 40 dead bablies, and so on). Maybe I left because I did not believe the future was possible in the country that you could not freely wals on the streets because of your age.

You will never understand how different it is to be in the war I have been in -- untrained, no communications systems, no plan, no real reason to fight. That is when I realized that the military of any country should be a defencive force, not offensive.

So, I question this war as do many Americans (MAJORITY) as is the media, as is THE WORLD. I never question if you or your medic friend is right. You're following the orders. I question those above you. And of course the one that evaded the military service, himself. Unfortunately, there will always be bad people in any business -- we have seen the takn against the cab, we have seen the Haifa events. I may have seen the Humvee thing differently than you did, and later I corrected myself.

SOme of you immediately connect the critisizm towards the Administration as towards you. No, most of people (including myself) appreciate what you're doing because you're doing your job. And that is all.

The point is not that a few the medic chatted with support our efforts -- the point is IT IS NOT OUR PLACE TO BE THERE! Why in the hell we decided to go there over the other (much worse) places???

Finally, I doubt even your friend could get a piece of complete picture within "a couple of months" he's been there... You have to study their history to really understand what is behind...

Well where to start, Its not about being civilized when it comes to talking to you. Every chance you get you fly off the handle and criticize pretty much everything. Which is fine but one to many times you have said the wrong thing which I and obviously others taken offense to.

I don't call my self anything and I'm trying to figure out how I of all people can or could be ignoring the problems of the USA and the democracy we stand for. Especially since the US military is carrying most of them on their backs. My buddies letter just demonstrates that since you haven't been there you don't have a clue, there for everything that you point out on here is nothing more then what you've read.

Third.....War is War....I'm not saying what you went though wasn't what you say it was but they all suck. I figure you're from Balkans and as for your reason to leave your country I don't care, everyones got a story. Now you came to my country with your liberal views, your probably one of the people out there that tells your kid not to stand up in the morning and say the Pledge of Allegiance or that its wrong to say Merry Christmas. Regardless that your right, but don't pretend to know what I do, or know what I stand for.

Now this is the part that I can't wait to get into....You say "It's not our place to be there" Well guess what, we're there welcome to reality. It's not a matter of why are we there anymore. Hell we've been there for the past 4 years almost. The question is how do we leave and in doing so how do we leave it better then we found it. Another words how do we leave it with out leaving it a pit for terrorist groups to train in order to hit us again.

It's irrelevant at this point how we got there we can't go back and change that and guess what there isn't court in the world that's going to convict GW. Sorry time to move on to another target. I don't care if you do criticize him. He's also there for the next two year and he was elected to the position by the majority...... so to bad so sad.

Lastly since you say you were in a war. You of all people should know that in when your battle tuned your sense of awareness steps up to a new level and when you work 15 hours a day your situational awareness increases very quickly. In addition you're right about history. Regardless though right now there are a bunch of thugs in Iraq and they're about to be removed.

What about everyone that has died doing what they believe is right. What if we pull out....Then how do we honor their sacrifice? Many of those men and women died doing what they believe was right.

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